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'''Hippolyte Delehaye, Society of Jesus|S.J.''', (Antwerp, 19 August 1859 – Brussels, 1 April 1941) was a Belgian Jesuit who was a hagiography|hagiographic scholar and an outstanding member of the Bollandists, who established critical editions of texts relating to the Christian saints and martyrs that were based on applying the critical method of sound archaeological and documentary scholarship to the texts. This critical approach encountered difficulties, within the Jesuit Order, within the Holy Office and among "integralist" opponents of critical approaches.Detailed in Bernard Joassart's study concentrating on the ''Légendes'', ''Hippolyte Delehaye. Hagiographie critique et modernisme'' (Subsidia Hagiographica, '''81'''), 2 vols. (Brussels : Société Bollandiste) 2000; a chapter is devoted to Delehaye in Lawrence Barmann and J.T.Talar, eds., ''Sanctity and Secularity During...
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